Come Walk With Me To Glory:
What Being a Christian Means to Me
Dian Wells Matlock

 KIRKUS Review:

Intensely personal spiritual memoir and testimony. After a life of great highs and lows, including times of true tragedy and anguish, Matlock has taken on the task of telling her story as a testament to God’s grace in her life and in the lives of those close to her. The author has uniquely structured this work to provide instruction, introspection and confession, with quality storytelling woven throughout. Having owned and operated Christian bookstores in the past, Matlock has a certain insight into the role of the written word in the life of a believer, and this understanding comes through within her memoir. She begins by explaining that there is always more to be learned about God and about one’s relationship with him. Part of this is learned through conventional methods, but most of the believer’s instruction comes through the practice of belief itself, as God brings the person of faith through one trial after another. After a tumultuous, abusive first marriage, Matlock then lost her second husband to Alzheimer’s and one of her sons to AIDS. However, her faith has grown, due in part to the myriad of opportunities for ministry that arose from her hardships. Matlock calls upon Christians to be bold, unafraid and intentional about living their faith: “Anybody can be a child of God, but you have to want to be a servant.” Through such intentional living, God provides opportunity, strength and direction. “If you are willing to be used,” she says, “God will show you your personal way of duty and service.” Matlock’s writing is clear and approachable, and her style is personable and self-effacing. The work overall tends to wander and is by no means tightly packaged, but it was clearly not written to be a finely tuned argument or a chronological autobiography. It is homey and from the heart, which are in fact its finest qualities. Quiltlike gathering of memories and reflections from a faithful life.