Come Walk With Me To Glory:
What Being a Christian Means to Me
Dian Wells Matlock

You can't simply believe because of head knowledge that Jesus exists, either. The Bible says that even the demons believe and tremble. You have to understand that an emotional moment and a religious profession of belief will not get you to Heaven. This is frivolous. If you are truly accepting the doctrine of God, then you will want to show humility, grace and love - you will want to "clean up your act". So, take this ever so seriously, please. God loves you. Forgive others, and ask God to forgive you. What I have just told you is true - read it for yourself, as you should do to learn more about His rules regarding unforgivness and trying to look Christian when you are not . The greatest danger here is in fooling yourself. Don't run, unchecked, with a worldly heart and an attitude that encourages you in vanity and false hope. Realize where your real hope comes from, where you want to live in eternity -( the next step out and away from this life) - and how much more wonderful, gracious, peaceful and good the real presence of God is, then enjoy the true meaning of blessed assurance. Assurance is when you know for certain, without a doubt, that you are right with God, and that you are definitely going to Heaven. Father God is reaching out his hand of tender mercy and grace to you - you will never regret it - take it now. Take it sweetly. Take it please, and be blessed for the rest of your life, in this life and on into the next..See ya' there, and I am really looking forward to it. God bless you, and I love you in Jesus' Name. Love, Dian